Audience Development: Turn your users’ data into action

Letizia Zappa
By Letizia Zappa

Gathering data about your users is important – everybody knows that. How can you then act upon these data? By shaping your business according to your audience data and needs. This is what we call Audience Development.

Audience development

Nowadays, a significant part of the interactions with businesses takes place in the digital space: through a website or an app, where users find information, buy products and communicate with companies. This makes online audiences an insightful source.

By gathering data about users you can learn deeply about them, their problems and needs. And later, you can use this knowledge to lean towards them and shape your business accordingly.

This is what we call “audience development” – a concept we believe to be a powerful way to grow any business.

3 Steps to develop your audience

So, how exactly do you “develop” your audience? There are three main steps you will need to go through. We will briefly introduce each step and how they are linked together.

1. Gather your users’ data

Who is visiting your website most frequently? Who is buying your products? Is it primarily males or females? Are they all satisfied with your website and service?

Users’ online behaviour, their sociodemographics and their feedback and opinions are all types of data that can give you a lot of precious information.

2. Segment your audience and build customer personas

Once you have these data, you are able to segment your users according to their characteristics and needs. This will allow you to identify which audiences are the most relevant and valuable to you. These segments will function as a great starting point to build customer personas: semi-fictional individuals with specific characteristics that can be a great tool in targeting your audience.

3. Shape your business model by leaning towards your audience

Now that you have clear data and mapped out your audience, you can shape your business model to their characteristics and needs. This may lead you to make changes to your value proposition and modify your products’ features or the design of your website. Or, you may change your communication strategy and invest more in social media channels rather than TV ads. These are just a few examples of how you can change your business with audience development.

So, this is what audience development is all about: a commitment to your audience, to learn deeply about them, their problems and needs in order to lean towards them and shape your business accordingly.

Audience development benefits

Audience development is not an immediate process. It takes time to understand which data are useful and which segments are most relevant. Restructuring a business model according to audience data is, of course, a long process. That being said, the benefits you can get from audience development are many.

Users’ needs and ideas can work as great guidelines in product development – when there is the need to update a website or specific products’ features. Again, by shaping your business according to audience data, you will enhance user satisfaction as well as user retention. Also, you will be able to better maximize your marketing resources by targeting and reaching the right segments of users.

By constantly listening to your users and developing your audience by shaping your business according to their needs, you will benefit greatly.

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So, where should you start? What are the tools that can help you develop your audience?

We have done our best to give you an overview of the concept including tips, suggestions to tools and best practices.

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