New publisher tool: Build unique audiences based on UserReport survey data

By Letizia Zappa

With the introduction of AudienceHub, you can now leverage the data you collect with UserReport to build unique audiences for activation across your media properties.

Today, we are expanding the scope of UserReport by introducing a new powerful tool allowing publishers to build first-party audiences for activation in online campaigns running across their media properties. Please let us introduce you to AudienceHub!

Take ownership of your data

When building an audience in AudienceHub, it can be based on various data sources, among them, UserReport survey data. This means that you can build specific audiences relevant to your advertisers’ needs.

Let’s say that you, in your UserReport survey, are asking people how likely they are to buy a new phone within the next three months. With AudienceHub, you will then be able to create an audience based on the people who have answered that they are going to buy a phone within the next three months and use this audience for targeting of online campaigns running on your websites.

Directly from AudienceHub, you will be able to build exactly the audience you want, grow the audience to make it targetable and push it to the demand or supply-side platforms as well as data management platforms you wish. As a consequence, you can guarantee the delivery of reach within desired advertiser-specific audiences, convince advertisers to spend their campaign budget with you and get the most out of your inventory

An easy and intuitive tool

UserReport is directly integrated with AudienceHub, making it easy to select which survey questions you wish to use as a source for your audiences. This gives you full control of what data your audiences are built on – and you even have the opportunity to decide with what precision your audiences should be built.

In the video below, you can see how easy it is to build and activate your own unique audiences.

The technology and methodology behind AudienceHub

AudienceHub grows audiences using intelligent behavioural analysis. Thanks to complex machine learning algorithms, AudienceHub analyses the online behaviour of users from your own data and finds other users with similar behaviour patterns, hence creating predicted audiences. These algorithms are continuously trained towards making the right predictions so you can keep using your audiences.

In AudienceHub, you will meet our Audience Intelligence Robot AIR, who will help you grow your audience and reach a bigger crowd.

In our FAQ, you can learn much more about AudienceHub and how to get started building and activating your own unique audiences.

Get started

Reach out to or your usual contact at AudienceProject and learn how to get started building and activating your own unique audiences.

AudienceHub is available for publishers in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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