Combine UserReport and Google Analytics data for more valuable insights

By Letizia Zappa

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding what users are doing on your website. But now, you can add an extra layer to your online behavioural data by combining it with your user data collected with UserReport and get even more valuable insights.


Why Google Analytics is a great marketing tool

Nowadays, most companies have an online presence through a website. It can be an e-commerce website or online magazine. No matter what, understanding your users’ online behaviour is essential to start improving your website, and Google Analytics help you precisely with this. Let’s go through some of the most valuable Google Analytics metrics.

  • Site content behaviour: With this metric, you will understand which pages are the most visited by your users, and on which pages they spent most of their sessions. You will also be able to identify the exit pages – the last page users visit before leaving your website.
  • Acquisition overview: This metric displays where your users are coming from. In other words, which channels are the most effective at attracting visitors. Are users visiting your website because you were mentioned on social media? Or because they saw your latest video ad?
  • Conversion goals: This is maybe the most important metric of all. What do you want users to do on your website? Do you want them to buy your products? Or subscribe to your newsletter? With defined goals, you will be able to track whether or not you are succeeding with your website.
  • Users’ demographics and interests: Google Analytics can tell you the age, gender, interest, device and location of your visitors. These data can already tell you something about who your users are. But wait until we show you the insights you can get with the integration between UserReport and Google Analytics!

Combine online behaviour with in-depth user insights

Google Analytics can provide you with a complete overview of your users’ online behaviour, but the tool tells you very little about who your users are and why they are on your website.

However, the UserReport survey allows you to ask your users very specific questions, e.g. about their habits or the reason why they are on your website, providing you with important insights.

With the integration between UserReport and Google Analytics, you can combine the data from Google Analytics about what your users do with the data from UserReport about who your users are and get an in-depth overview about who does what on your website.

UserReport questions as custom dimensions

The integration allows you to send the insights you collect with the UserReport survey to your Google Analytics account as custom dimensions. 

Custom dimensions allow you to combine Google Analytics data to non-Google Analytics data, like CRM data, or in our case, UserReport survey results. Once created, custom dimensions are available in custom reports and available for use with advanced segments. Also, they can also be used as secondary dimensions in standard reports. 



Let’s take an example, and say that you own an online travel platform, where you sell vacation packages. You offer many different destinations and each of them has its specific landing page. 

You want to make each destination appealing to the users, and for this reason, you need to better understand which type of users is usually interested in the different destinations.

For this reason, you have created a conversion goal for each destination in Google Analytics, so you can keep track of the online behaviour of users visiting these landing pages.

You are particularly interested in knowing whether or not users visiting the landing pages have children because you could then offer packages more appealing to families. Unfortunately, Google Analytics cannot help with that but luckily, you are running the UserReport survey on your website, where you are asking users whether or not they have children in the household. With the Google Analytics integration, you can easily send these data to your conversion goal dashboard and voilà, now you know which destinations are most popular among families and which are not.

How to activate the Google Analytics integration

Setting up the integration is simple. You just need to select the Google Analytics account you want to integrate with, then the specific property and view. Finally, you will need to decide which UserReport questions you would like to send and give a name to the custom dimension you are creating. Check out this video to see how easy it is to send your UserReport data to your Google Analytics account:

How UserReport works

Installing and activating UserReport is easy. Once you’ve created a free account, you will need to add some basic information about your website or app. You will then get a small piece of code which should be implemented on your website or app. Once the survey is running, you can activate the Google Analytics integration. You will be able to access the results you’ve collected as custom dimensions in Google Analytics.

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