How to build your email marketing list with UserReport

By Letizia Zappa

Email marketing is very effective at nurturing leads and then converting them to customers, and it often performs way better than other marketing channels. Discover why email marketing is so great and how you can quickly build your own marketing email list.

Why email marketing is a powerful tool

Most businesses run a newsletter and periodically send emails to their prospects and/or customers.
From emails regarding your new products to more educational and industry-related insights, email marketing is a great tool to build a trusting relationship with your customers.
But that is just the tip of the iceberg, some good email marketing can bring many other benefits and here we’ve tried to list the most relevant ones.

Effective customer acquisition

Research has shown that email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media to convert customers. In fact, direct emails are not just a way to keep in touch with your subscribers, but can also motivate customers to take action, like purchase a product or read a blog post.

Build trust

By sharing insightful content, that is relevant to your subscribers, you will be considered an authoritative voice in the industry. If you share educational and informative content, customers will trust you and your opinion and therefore your offerings.

Increase sales

Email marketing campaigns are a good way to showcase your new products and features. For instance, you can use emails to promote special discount offerings and free trials. Keep in mind that research shows that 59% of the people say email marketing influences their purchase decisions.
Also, you can use email marketing to help out your sales team, and automate follow-up emails to prospective customers.

Customize your communication

From including the first name of your receiver, to customizing the content of your emails based on the type of customer, newsletters are a good way to communicate in a more personal way with your customers. By grouping customers into different email segments, you will be able to really send more resonating messages to your customers, instead of reaching them with generic and mass-oriented content.

How to get more subscribers for email marketing

Now that you have learned all about the benefits of email marketing, let’s have a look at how you can use UserReport widgets to grow your marketing email list.

It’s easy and simple: UserReport survey tool comes with a set of predefined questions you can choose from. Among these, you will find the “Email Collect” option: a standard survey question ready to be activated.
Once you turn on the “Email Collect” option, your users will see an invitation to subscribe to your email list. Easy as that!

You will then be able to look at all the emails you have collected in the Email Report and export them in CSV and Excel formats. What’s more, we are soon opening an API to allow you to quickly export your emails’ list anywhere you want.


How to group your email marketing list in segments

As we talked about above, grouping your customers into segments enables you to send them more relevant messages. But how can you segment a list of emails addresses?

If you are collecting emails using the UserReport survey, you can match the addresses with sociodemographic data, such as gender, age and country.
What’s more, in the survey you can also ask respondents to rate your company with the Net Promoter Score question. You will then be able to segment the customers also based on their satisfaction levels, and create more targeted email marketing messages.


How UserReport works

Installing and activating UserReport is easy. Once you’ve created a free account, you will need to add some basic information about your website or app. You will then get a small piece of code which should be implemented on your website or app. Activate your email collect option and add the survey questions you need. As results start flowing in, you will be able to access them in the reporting interface.

Have a look here at how easy it is to activate the Email Collect question and get results:

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