How to create different survey questions with UserReport

By Letizia Zappa

Gathering input from customers is important, and surveys are a valuable tool to collect this. But how do you decide which questions to ask your users?

With different needs come different survey questions

A survey allows you to gather information from a sample of respondents, with the aim of generalizing the results to a larger number of people.

Online surveys are a good way to reach your audience with the questions you want and with UserReport, you can easily implement the survey widget on your website or app and collect answers from your users in real-time. 

But how do you decide which type of questions you need to ask your users? Let’s understand which different survey questions suit your needs and how you can create the perfect survey with the UserReport survey widget.

User satisfaction questions

Some of the most popular questions are user satisfaction questions allowing you to quickly measure how happy users are with your brand and/or interface.

This type of feedback unveils what your customers like about you and what they think you can improve, which can help you understand what works and what doesn’t and thus guide your business decisions and feature prioritisations.

Here are the two most common user satisfaction questions.

  • NPS (Net Promoter score) is a metric that enables you to gauge users’ loyalty. It is based on a simple question: “How likely are you to recommend our brand/ product to a friend or colleague?”. The answer options are on a scale from 0 to 10 and the overall score you get is a good index of your customers’ loyalty.
  • CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) is a metric that specifically investigates your customers’ satisfaction with your product/service/interface. The typical CSAT question goes like this: “How would you rate your satisfaction with the product/service/interface you just experienced?”

Usability survey questions

Usability measures how easy it is to use a product/interface. Usability questions help you evaluate the user experience and can show you which parts of the user journey you can improve. 

Typical usability questions include:

  • Do you like the design of the product/interface?
  • Do you find this interface easy to navigate?
  • Were you able to find the information you were looking for?

The questions will, of course, depend on whether you are testing a product or a website/app.

Sociodemographic survey questions

While asking questions about your products and interface is important, understanding who your users are is even more crucial. 

By knowing more about your users, you will be able to group them in segments, vital pointers for all your marketing activities.

For this reason, you could consider asking some questions regarding your users’ sociodemographics. Common questions are:

  • What is your age?
  • What is the highest educational level you have attained?
  • What is your current employment status?

No matter what the main goal of your survey is, gathering information about your users will always bring valuable insights. Therefore, we recommend asking at least a couple of sociodemographic questions in all the surveys addressed to your users.

How to create a survey with UserReport

With UserReport, you are able to create a survey and run it on your website and/or app.
You can decide to create your own questions but you can also use the UserReport pre-built question packages.

In the interface, you will find:

  • The Profile package: A set of sociodemographic questions
  • The Satisfaction package: A set of satisfaction and usability related questions
  • The NPS package: Includes the Net Promoter Score question and an open follow-up question to leave space for users to motivate the score they give.

In the interface, you will be able to create your own questions, define different answer options and if you want, you can apply a chain logic between one question and another.

Check the video below to see how easy it is to create a survey question in UserReport:

How UserReport works

Installing and activating UserReport is easy. Once you’ve created a free account, you will need to add some basic information about your website or app. You will then get a small piece of code which should be implemented on your website or app. Choose your survey questions or create new ones and activate the survey widget. As results start flowing in, you will be able to access them in the reporting interface.

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