How to measure Customer Satisfaction

Letizia Zappa
By Letizia Zappa

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to any business. What are the best practices to measure it?


Measuring customer satisfaction can be a challenging and demanding task as investigating your customers’ opinion requires efforts and needs to be planned ahead.

Before starting your research you should follow these two principles which will help you choose the right approach to your research:

  1. Have clear objectives in mind and define precisely what kind of data you want to collect.
  2. Keep a customer-centric mindset while planning how to collect this data. Some clients may be willing to share information only in some situations and some may not be willing to do this at all.

But can you get feedback from someone who is not open to a conversation? Yes, actually you can. Although one may assume that the only way to measure customer satisfaction is by directly reaching out and asking your customers for feedback, this is not true.


You can choose to implement indirect methods which allow you to follow your customers’ footprints without directly interacting with them. Indirect methods are all about stepping into your customers’ shoes and get a grip on how they are feeling about you. What are your customers saying about you? Are they excited about some new products? Are they disappointed with that new feature you just implemented? You can find answers to this more easily than you think. Common indirect methods are:

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Customer Complaints
  • Repeated Purchases

These options can bring you usable data for your business without much effort – just a careful monitoring activity.


On the other hand, direct methods are demanding your customers to actively participate in your research. These, unlike the indirect methods, allow you to precisely ask the questions and collect the data you want.

Common direct methods are:

  • Post-service Surveys
  • E-mail Surveys
  • Website and In-app Surveys

The last method which is mid-way the first two listed above is encouraging feedback. You can do this by providing a dedicated section on your website or app giving your customers the chance to express their ideas and opinions without feeling any kind of pressure.

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