Make user insights actionable with the new UserReport interface

By Roman Gomolko

With the introduction of the new UserReport interface, you can easily understand who your users are, what they want and segment them in customer personas. Stop guessing and start learning what you can do to improve your business!

We believe that understanding users and listening to their feedback is key to grow your business no matter what your market is. Data should be easy to read so you can understand what you need to do to keep your loyal clients happy and bring in new customers to your business. With the new UserReport interface we have completely rethought how to understand your users, allowing businesses to gather user feedback and leverage this knowledge to increase traffic and conversions.

Why users insights are vital for your business

When planning new features, changing your website or app design and writing content, you should at all times remember who your users are, what their opinions are, and how satisfied they are. The problem is that it is hard to guess all of these things. You can make a lot of assumptions, but it is much more effective to make decisions based on real users’ insights. That is why we originally created UserReport: to provide a set of free user engagement tools enabling you to profile your users, understand what they think about you and your website/app and track their satisfaction.

A new interface with new opportunities

Our UserReport survey widget can be installed on any website or app. It allows you to collect information about your users’ sociodemographic profiles, their satisfaction and NPS in real-time. It also enables you to create your own specific questions allowing you to ask basically anything you want to your user base. UserReport also comes with a Feedback widget enabling you to collect unsolicited feedback from your users. In the Feedback widget, users can post, vote on and discuss ideas, so you will know what they would like to have added or changed on your website. Once the insights are collected, they will be displayed in the new intuitive reporting interface making it easy to understand your users’ profiles as well as their satisfaction and opinions over time. By testing changes and monitoring your users’ satisfaction, you will be able to improve your website or app and ultimately increase traffic and conversion. Finally, you will be able to export your results and push them to your Google Analytics account to combine your survey insights with data about your users’ online behaviour.

Customer personas as a new feature

With the new interface, we are also introducing a brand new feature: customer personas. By collecting data about your users, you get lots of insights per se, but that’s not all. When different kinds of data are combined, the data can prove to be even more useful. By mixing sociodemographics, satisfaction levels and behavioural patterns, you can start segmenting your users. In the new UserReport interface you will find built-in customer personas ready to be used. And what’s even more interesting, you will be able to create your own customer personas, based on specific questions you are asking in the survey running on your website or app.  Let’s say you want to know more about the users on your website who often practice sports. You will then be able to add a question around this to the survey and create a “sportsman” customer persona based on the answers to that question. This way, you will know more about this persona’s sociodemographic profile and their satisfaction and will be able to follow their behavioural pattern overtime. Thanks to a clear user segmentation, you will be able to tweak your marketing strategy to better target your prospective customers hence increasing both traffic and conversions. In the video below, you can get an overview of the new reporting interface.

How UserReport works

Installing and activating UserReport is easy. Once you’ve created a free account, you will need to add some basic information about your website or app. You will then get a small piece of code which should be implemented on your website or app. Once the survey is activated, you will be able to access the results you’ve collected in the reporting interface.

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