How to phrase Customer Satisfaction survey questions

Letizia Zappa
By Letizia Zappa

Surveys are one of the most common tools to measure Customer Satisfaction. In order for these to be effective though, the survey questions need to be formulated properly.

When measuring your customer satisfaction with surveys, the way your questions are formulated is key. Below, we have outlined how you can phrase your questions to make the most out of your survey.

The three cornerstones

  1. All questions in your survey must revolve around your objectives. Every question you ask has to be inherent to them.
  2. Be as neutral as possible when formulating your questions. You need to be unbiased in order to get honest and useful insights.
  3. Avoid asking too many questions and too long questions.

By keeping in mind these principles you can move on and start considering which types of questions fit your survey best.


Common survey question formats

When looking at the different types of survey questions that can be formulated, the first distinction that needs to be made is the one between open-ended and closed-ended questions.

While open-ended questions are valuable as they give customers the opportunity to express themselves, answering close-ended questions require much less time and effort and these are therefore more commonly used in surveys.

In regards to closed-ended questions, we have listed the most common and effective question types:


  • Multiple choice questions are questions asking respondents to select one or more answers from a list of options. As multiple choice questions provide a fixed list of options, they make it easy for the respondents to answer the questions.
  • Rating scale questions are very common in customer satisfaction surveys as they require the respondents to evaluate a rated object. Respondents are asked to express the value or the quality of the rated object by choosing between a number of positive and negative options.
  • Rank order questions ask respondents to rank different options. Usually, this type of questions gives respondents the chance to rank a set of products or features from highest to lowest, which allows to evaluate a product/feature in relation to others.



Common customer satisfaction questions

Every business has its own survey necessities. However, there are some customer satisfaction questions that are more common than others.

Questions about your customer experience, the quality of your product/service and the degree of trust in your company are all very important. But measuring the touch points between your business and your customers and investigating on how to innovate your product/service/interface is also essential.

Finally, it is important to be aware that any interaction with your customers is a good opportunity to gather knowledge about them in terms of information and personal data which can be very useful for marketing purposes.


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