Responsive Feedback Forum now live

Rune Werliin
By Rune Werliin

We’ve been hard at work improving the Feedback Forum tool based on user feedback. Not only is the new version responsive, it also brings along some much requested features. Here’s all about it – enjoy!


Everything now works across devices. On desktop the forum opens as always, but appears as a nice full page app on mobile and tablet. Try it out


The Feedback Forum has been optimized, so ideas now load a lot faster and the general user experience is more smooth.

Disable the tab

Not everybody loves tabs and smileys on their website. So now, you can disable the default feedback tab and build your own custom links and buttons.

Customize texts

One text does not always fit all – so now, you can greet users with a custom message when they submit ideas or bugs. Learn more

External / direct link

If you don’t want to include the Feedback Forum javascript in your website, you can now link to your Feedback Forum directly on Learn more

Disable bug reports

A common request has been the option to disable the bug report feature. Although we do not recommend this, it’s now made possible. Learn more

Bug list

You now have a list of submitted bugs, along with details on which kind of device, operating systen and browser the user submitted the bug from.

Inline embedding

For those wanting to implement the Feedback Forum in more advanced ways, you can now build your own Feedback Forum iframe. Learn more

Idea suggestion

When users submit a new idea, they’ll automatically get similar ideas shown – this will minimize duplicate ideas and provide a better user experience.

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