Segment your users into customer personas with the new UserReport interface

By Letizia Zappa

Gathering insights about your users allows you to better understand their needs and shape your business accordingly. With the new UserReport interface, you can now segment your users into customer personas and better meet their needs.

Why segment your users?

Nowadays, personalisation is expected by customers. Existing and prospective customers expect that your business knows them and that you will deliver them what they need.

What’s more, customers are busy, and won’t invest any time in offerings that are not relevant to them. This means that all experiences, online and offline, need to be personalised and relevant for them.

So, how can you create personalised content for your website or app? By segmenting your users! Divide your userbase into smaller groups with similar needs, wants and characteristics.

To start segmenting your users, you need to focus on grouping your existing visitors. According to your objectives, you may choose to segment users according to their:

  • Sociodemographic traits (age, gender, income etc.)
  • Psychographic traits (beliefs, values, opinions etc.)
  • Online behaviour (how often they visit your website/app etc.)

With the UserReport survey widget, you can easily collect all of these insights and learn which users are more likely to visit your website or app.

From segments to defined customer personas

When you have a clear understanding of your different user segments, you may decide that some are more relevant to your business than others and thus deserve more attention.

This is where customer personas come into play. Customer personas are fictional profiles of your targeted users, based on real insights that you have gathered. They act as guidelines for you when you need to evaluate the design of your website/app, your offerings, the content you display etc.

An example of a customer persona for an e-commerce website selling video games could be:

John, 20 years old, plays video games once a day, owns a computer and loves strategy games.”

The purpose of creating customer personas with specific characteristics is to help you better understand your targeted users and recognise key traits within them. This way, you will be able to create even more effective content and marketing, and also make educated decisions when it comes to the design of your interface.

How to build customer personas in UserReport

As mentioned above,  UserReport offers a survey widget that can be implemented on any website or app. In this survey, you will be able to choose whether to ask predefined questions or to create your own ones, related to your brand and offerings.

All the insights you collect will be displayed in the reporting interface, where you will be able to mix the insights gathered with the survey and create your own personas, based on real data coming straight from your user base.

Basically, you will be able to build customer personas based on answers to the specific questions you are asking in the online survey.

Let’s go back to the previous example, and say you want to build John’s profile. In the UserReport survey, you will have to ask your users all the relevant questions that characterize that specific persona:

  • “What is your age?” (For this question, you will select “20 years old” as the answer)
  • “How often do you play video games?” (For this question, you will select “once a day” as the answer)
  • “Do you own a computer?” (For this question,  you will select “yes” as the answer)
  • “Which type of games do you prefer?” (For this question,  you will select “strategy games” as the answer)

Voilà, now you have built your customer persona “John, 20 years old, plays video games once a day, owns a computer and loves strategy games”.  In  this video you can see how easy and quick it is to build a persona in the new UserReport interface:

What’s more, you can filter all the data you have collected with the survey by customer persona. This means that you will be able to get a detailed profile of users like John. If you ask your users whether they are satisfied with you and your interface design, you may discover that users like John are satisfied with you, but do not particularly like your design. If John is a very relevant user to you, you may reconsider your website design.

And that’s not all. In the new interface, you will also find standard personas: a selection of personas we have built for you to use right away. They are based on the age generations shown below:

How UserReport works

Installing and activating UserReport is easy. Once you’ve created a free account, you will need to add some basic information about your website or app. You will then get a small piece of code which should be implemented on your website or app. Once the survey is activated, you will be able to access the results you’ve collected in the reporting interface.

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