The survey tool is now responsive!

Rune Werliin
By Rune Werliin

We’ve been hard at work improving the survey, to work on both desktop, tablet and mobile. Your new survey is already live and collecting answers. This means you’ll soon be able to compare demographics, satisfaction and more across devices. Enjoy!

One seamless experience

Our survey has always been different than traditional surveys. Short, intuitive and easy to fill out. We wanted to keep that experience across devices while making the survey look and feel a bit more modern and cleaner.

Compare results across devices

We’ve introduced a new device report, where you can compare satisfaction, demographics and questions across desktop, tablet and mobile. In that way, you can see if there’s room to improve your website on a specific device.

Device trends are changing!

With the Device Trend Report, you’ll know hov the use of desktop, tablet and mobile has evolved over time for your website. Notice that this feature requires Google Analytics. Read more

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