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By Rune Werliin

Net Promoter Score® is a recognised and accepted standard for loyalty measurement and used by several top tier brands around the world. But with UserReport you can dig deeper into the score than with other tools.

Who are your promoters really?

Do you know who will most likely promote your company? Or do you know in which segments you still have a lot of work to do to create more loyal customers? You might very well have a vague idea, but actual solid insights are hard to come by. Luckily, our implementation of NPS® can help you remove the guesswork and give you the knowledge.

Getting started

First thing to do is to activate the NPS® in UserReport. When you have collected answers for a couple of weeks it’s time to delve into the data.

The overall score is a great high level KPI for your business. But to understand how you can move your business to the next level, you have to take a look at the break down question by question. You can do this with questions related to demographics, satisfaction or device type – or even do it with your own custom questions!

A real world example

One of our clients is in the educational system, so paying attention to how young people rates them makes a lot of sense. Also, they find it very useful to get insights into how different kinds of visitors rates them. They used the custom questions in the UserReport survey tool to find out what role the respondent has; teacher, registered student, future student or student outside the educational institution. This enables them to see the NPS® for each of these segments. Furthermore, they can dig down one more level and see why the individual user answers like he or she does.

Interesting findings

The case with our client shows that the NPS® is higher among registered students and teachers than among future students and students at other universities. More specifically, the NPS® is at 25 with students studying at the university and at 10 with teachers. Among the future students the NPS® is 0 while the score is -10 among students not studying at the educational institution. This tells something about where to put an extra effort in the future.

By seeing how different audiences rates them and by taking a look at the comments on top of the rating, our client can change the content of their website to the needs of their less satisfied audiences. The example above shows that different visitors have different needs and that future students is a group to especially improve the website for.

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