Webinar Recap: Optimize your website with UserReport and Google Analytics

By Rune Werliin

Did you miss out on our webinar about the new, upgraded integration between UserReport and Google Analytics? Don’t worry, we have gathered the highlights for you – and if you want the full experience, you can see the recording from the webinar at the end of this post.

With the latest update to the integration between UserReport and Google Analytics, you get a whole new set of opportunities when working with your user data. That’s why we teamed up with Less Friction in a joint webinar to show you how to benefit from the mix of survey data and behavioural data.

No limitations in data mix

The most important feature in the integration update is that you can now mix your data from Google Analytics with not only data about socio demographics, but with any data from your UserReport survey.

Let’s say you have asked one of the following questions in your survey: Are you a pet owner? How many cars do you have? Are you in the market to go on a holiday within the next three months? You are now able to combine data gathered from these questions with your Google Analytics data and start digging into it for valuable insights on your users behavior across these very specific segments.

The mix of survey data and behavioral data is broken down in our UserReport reporting tool, giving you the opportunity to see the difference in behavior in session/user, pageviews/user and time/user related to any given question from your survey.

Optimize your ecommerce site

Another valuable feature in the new integration is the opportunity to see the difference in number of purchases, conversion rate, average value etc. in regards to socio demographics – or whatever you desire. Again, you can match this behavioral data with any data from your UserReport survey. In this way you can start profiling your users and identify your most profitable segments to learn who is generating the highest ROI for you and target those segments directly through Google AdWords.

The Boxer case

The Boxer case presented by Less Friction is a brilliant example of how to operationalize the integration between UserReport and Google Analytics as they used the integration to connect the website activity at Boxer’s website with their digital marketing activities.

Less Friction decided to focus on demographic data about gender and age gathered from the UserReport survey and match it with behavioural data like sessions, conversion rate and session value. This enabled them to build an interactive model, where they could identify the high value prospects at Boxer’s website defined as users with a high conversion rate, but a low number of sessions.

After having identified the high value prospects as females between 18-24 years, they started allocating budget to a landing page catered for this target group to increase the number of sessions.

As a result of this effort, Less Friction managed to attract more high converting sessions over a period of time resulting in more sales from a previously untapped target group. Also, they were able ensure that they didn’t miss an opportunity by constantly monitoring the target group and their behavior.

Get all the details

If you want to get all the details about the Boxer case and learn more about the benefits of the new, upgraded integration between UserReport and Google Analytics, you can watch the webinar in its full length below. Enjoy!

Find the entire webinar presentation via SlideShare here.

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