Webinar: Learn how Boxer increased their conversion rate with direct user data

By Rune Werliin

By taking direct action on insights created with survey data from UserReport and behavioural data from Google Analytics, Boxer optimized their website performance significantly. Learn how in our webinar the 28th of April.

Last week we announced a new integration between UserReport and Google Analytics enabling you to do powerful in depth analysis and segmentations of your website visitors. To make it practical, we have teamed up with Less Friction to present how this integration can optimize your website to the maximum effort.

Benefits of the integration

Simon Kvist Gaulshøj, Global Publishing Director at AudienceProject, will tell you how to use data collected in your UserReport survey in combination with behavioural data from your Google Analytics account. He will explain how the mix of survey data and behavioural data can give you a real understanding of who your users are and what they are doing on your website.

A real world example

Alexander Widmark, CEO at Less Friction, reveals how they used the integration between UserReport and Google Analytics to connect Boxer’s website activity to their digital marketing activities.

He will tell how Less Friction created an interactive dashboard with data from UserReport and Google Analytics to quickly find some actionable insights. Furthermore, he will explain how these insights impacted the acquisition strategy at Boxer as they were able to apply these insights on programmatic buying in almost real time.

Join the webinar

The webinar is free for anyone to attend and will last for approximately 45 minutes. Read more and register for the webinar here.

We hope to see you there!

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