Webinar: Learn how Nordisk Film improved their website with actionable user insights

By Letizia Zappa

By taking direct action on different types of insights gathered with the UserReport survey, Nordisk Film improved their streaming platform Dansk Filmskat as well as their marketing strategy significantly. Learn how in our webinar on October 8.

Turning data into actions

Amalie Schjønning, Customer Success Manager at AudienceProject, will tell you how to use data collected in your UserReport survey in an effective way by explaining how combining sociodemographic and feedback data can give you a real understanding of who your users are, what they want and how to more effectively communicate with them.

A real-world example

Maren Mæland, Product Manager at Nordisk Film, reveals how they were able to use UserReport data for their streaming platform Dansk Filmskat.

She will talk about how Dansk Filmskat used feedback from users to improve both the platform’s performance and contents. Furthermore, she will explain how these insights mixed with sociodemographic data allowed them to isolate specific customer personas, enabling them to create more targeted marketing activities.

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The webinar is free for anyone to attend and will last for approximately 45 minutes. Read more and register for the webinar here.

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