Webinar recap: How to improve your website with actionable user insights

By Letizia Zappa

Did you miss our webinar with Nordisk Film about how to turn User insights into actions and make your website even better? Don’t worry, we have gathered the highlights for you – and if you want the full experience, you can see the recording from the webinar at the end of this post.


We believe that collecting user data and feedback is of vital importance for any website. But just gathering data is not enough. What happens very often is that the insights collected are not turned into action and that they are not in any way used to improve the website. This is the message we really want to deliver to our customers. That’s why we teamed up with Nordisk Film in a joint webinar to show you how they worked with User insights to improve their own streaming platform, Dansk Filmskat.

One survey, different insights

Dansk Filmskat is a streaming platform and has been running the UserReport survey and Feedback Forum for three years on their website. Different teams at Dansk Filmskat review the UserReport results which is why the survey has different types of questions with four different focuses and purposes.

A part of the survey relates to technical and usability aspects and gives useful input to the Tech and Development team. Other questions revolve around customers’ tastes and favourite genres – these are fundamental data for the Content team. The Marketing team is instead interested in understanding to what extent customers are tech-savvy and whether or not they are using other streaming platforms and they also gather this information with the survey. Finally, the Customer Service team keeps track of the continuous flow of movie requests on the UserReport Feedback Forum.

Lastly, the NPSⓇ (Net Promoter Score) question is used by all the teams to quickly uncover users’ struggles and to keep measuring their satisfaction level over time.

This shows how collecting data is important for several departments and how insights can be helpful in concrete business decisions.

Developing customer personas

By collecting data and using coding patterns, Dansk Filmskat have been able to mix users’ quantitative and qualitative data gathered with the survey. They have combined their users sociodemographics with open field questions where users leave suggestions for the movies they would like to see on the platform.

Thanks to this, Dansk Filmskat have been able to isolate three types of customer personas: the old men, the single men and the families, each with specific movies tastes. This has been extremely useful and enabled Dansk Filmskat to improve their marketing activities. They have leveraged specific movie genres and have been able to tweak their communication and contents according to the type of customer persona they were targeting.

Teasing the new UserReport interface

At the end of our webinar with Dansk Filmskat, we  introduced a novelty related to how Dansk Filmskat uses UserReport.

To make things easier for clients like Dansk Filmskat, we are now beta testing a brand new reporting interface, focused on making users’ insights more actionable. With this new interface, we are introducing a feature called “customer personas”. Thanks to this new addition, you will be able to create customer personas directly in the UserReport interface and track their behaviour over time – no coding needed!

Get all the details

If you want to get all the details about the Dansk Filmskat case and learn more about the benefits of the upcoming reporting interface, you can watch the webinar in its full length below. Enjoy!

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