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“UserReport has provided us with a great amount of data about our visitors’ socio demographics. This data has been extremely valuable to us, since it has given us very detailed information about our audience. We are now able to define our customers even better and adjust our website and campaign activities.”

Malthe Cederborg

“The UserReport survey tool has some excellent standard questions related to the user experience of the website, which gives us insights into the visitors’ digital brand experience and how well the website meets the users’ demands for quality. We can also add our own - more business related - questions, which is extremely valuable to us.”

Stefan Asmussen
Digital Manager

“By using a combination of UserReport’s standard questions and our own site-specific questions, we learned what our visitors actually thought of, and how satisfied they were with the content we were giving them. This helped us adapt our content to their wishes and three weeks later we saw that our adjustments had led to a 44% increase in traffic.”

Thomas Lue Lytzen

"UserReport provides us with valuable insights about the demographics and satisfaction of our users. At the same time, the user interface is a true pleasure to use. It’s manageable, intuitive and fast, which helps us to easily analyse and evaluate the data we are generating. In short, it’s simply a wonderful tool."

Birgitte Lomholt Woolridge
Product Manager

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