Simple tools. Powerful features.

UserReport is based on two simple widgets – a survey and a feedback widget. Running as an integrated part of your website or app, it enables you to have direct interaction with your users and learn who your users are, what they are looking for – and how they think you can improve.

Survey Widget

Get to know your audience with the survey widget

Free and easy to use

Installing the survey is quick and simple. Create an account, add your website and put the code snippet on your website – then sit back and watch results tick in!


There’s no limit to what UserReport can tell you about your users. How old they are, if they have children – if they like dogs or cats. Ask away!

Net Promoter Score

NPS tells you how much users like you and what they think you can do better. With UserReport your NPS can also be broken down on demopgrahics!

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics tells you what users are doing on your website. UserReport tells you who they are and what they want. Join the two for valuable user insights!

Feedback Widget

Collect feedback and build better products

Collect ideas. Fix bugs.

Based on ideas, that comes directly from your users, you’ll be able to build a brand or product that users will love and remain loyal to.

Users help you prioritize

Even if you have millions of users, UserReport makes it easy to prioritize features. Users vote on each others ideas and the most popular ones rise to the top!

Customizable and localized

The Feedback Widget can be customized with your own text, colors and logo. It’s also available in more than 60 languages, which means anyone can use it!

Easy to get started

Installing the Feedback Widget is quick and simple. Create an account, add your website and put the code snippet on your website – that’s it.


Powerful features for publishers

Tailormade for publishers

Explore, validate, showcase and monetize your audience. Premium gives back power to the publisher.

Get the most from your data

Data is worthless if you can’t do anything with it. Premium turns your UserReport data into gold in several ways.

Showcase your audience

Kits validates and showcases your audience and shows you and advertisers just how good you are at reaching specific target groups.

Beautiful sales kits

Add inventory value and build trust with advertisers, by showing them that their campaign actually reached the audience you promised.

Get started

Install UserReport on your own website today. It's free.