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Online Survey

Our beautiful survey collects data about your visitors, such as age, gender and overall satisfaction with your website. You can add your own questions, logo and colors. More

Feedback Forum

Get ideas on how to improve your website - from the people using it! Users can post, vote on and discuss ideas. You can even add your own colors and logo to the forum. More



You’ll get useful information about your website users – including their, gender, age, income and geographics. More

User Satisfaction

You’ll get a nice, in-depth, satisfaction report. Users rate your website on navigation, design, content and more. More

Net Promoter Score®

Know if customers are loyal to your company, vulnerable for competitor offers or downright unhappy. And just as important - why. More

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can easily be combined and synchronized with awesome data from UserReport. More


Compare data across desktop, tablet and mobile and see if there’s room to improve your website on a specific device. More

Feedback inbox

The feedback inbox makes it easy to manage ideas. You can comment, delete and change the status of ideas. More

Social Click Map

With the Social Click Map you’ll be able to see how click patterns differ between men, women, young and old. More

Newsletter Signup

Get tons of newsletter signups. It’s easy, effective and you get usable background information on each subscriber. More