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Get to know your audience with the survey widget

Ask away! Our simple and responsive survey widget collects data about your visitors, such as gender, age and satisfaction with your website. You can even add your own questions, logo and colors.

A fun and respectful survey

Our survey is different than traditional surveys. Short, intuitive and easy to fill out. And most importantly – it respects your visitors! If a user says no to participate, our quarantine system makes sure he or she won’t be asked again.  Try an example survey here

Net Promoter Score®

Net Promoter Score® tells you if customers are loyal to your company, if they’re vulnerable for competitor offers or if they’re downright unhappy – and just as important, why. Your score can be broken down on survey questions to see if men, women, etc. score the same! Learn more

Add your own questions,
colors and logo to the survey

It’s easy to remove and add questions in your survey. And if you’d like the survey to match the design of your website, you can even add your own logo and colors.

Works across devices

The online survey is designed to work across devices. This means you’ll be able to compare data across desktop, tablet and mobile and see if there’s a difference in satisfaction, demographics and more. Read more

Beautiful and clear reports

Results from your survey are presented in beautiful and intuitive reports. Reports can easily be shared with others, and exported as PDF or raw data (excel, csv and spss format). You’ll also get a nice, monthly overview directly in your email inbox.

Available in 60+ languages

The online survey is available in 60+ languages and more are being added continuously. See a full list

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