It pays to know your audience

By running a UserReport survey on your website, you’ll get useful information about your website users, such as their gender, age, income and what device they’re using.

Simple and beautiful reports

Demographics are presented in beautiful, clear and intuitive reports. Reports can easily be shared with others, and exported as PDF or raw data (excel, csv and spss format). You’ll also get a nice, monthly overview directly in your email inbox. Sign up for free to try a demo report.

Combine with Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you great, basic knowledge about your website visitors and customers. And now, those data can easily be synchronised and combined with awesome data from UserReport. Read more

Detailed geographics

The world map is a fun way to discover the whereabouts of the people that visit your website. Zoom in on specific locations to see the exact number of visitors from that area. Geographics are based on zip codes and not IP adresses  – this makes them very reliable.

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