Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics with a whole new dimension

Google Analytics gives you great, basic knowledge about your website visitors and customers. And now, those data can easily be synchronised and combined with ALL the awesome data from UserReport. With our 3.0 Google Analytics release we are bringing you new powerful “out of the box” reports and a simple 3 step integration.

Here you go: All the stuff you wish you knew about your webshop

Do highly educated people buy more than those with just a high school diploma? What are the top 10 referrals for young people? Traffic sources, audience and goals – the Google Analytics data you know and love can now be combined with all the questions, collected through the survey widget.

Simplified and beautiful reports

We love Google Analytics because it’s an amazing tool. But we know it’s too big and overwhelming for some. With our new integration you can dig down into your data in our simple and intuitive reports.

Easy to setup. Automatically synchronized.

If you have already installed Google Analytics to your website, setting up the connection between Google and UserReport is a very simple task. Click a button, authorize UserReport to use your Analytics data and select with which website to synchronize. Voila!

Monitor the device trends

With the Device Trend Report, you’ll know how the use of desktop, tablet and mobile has evolved over time for your website. You can even see the distribution between device type, operating system and browser.

Want to dig deeper? No problem!

Any data gathered through UserReport (including your own custom questions) can easily be sent to Google Analytics, allowing you to slice and dice data in any way you see fit. Maybe you’d like to know if young people, who own a cat put more items in their shopping basket than old people with a dog. The sky is the limit!

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