User Satisfaction

Are users satisfied with your website?

By running a UserReport survey on your website, you’ll get a nice, in-depth, satisfaction report. Users rate your website on 10 reliable usability factors, such as navigation, design and content.

Compare with other websites

Users rate your website on 10 different usability factors, giving you a nice, reliable overview of satisfaction levels. Moreover, you can compare your scores to thousands of other, similar (anonymized) websites.

Compare satisfaction over time

You know how it is. You’ve spent weeks on redesigning your website. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how users feel about the changes? With the satisfaction report, you can compare usability scores over time and see if your design, content or navigation ratings have improved.

Simple and beautiful reports

Satisfaction results are presented in beautiful and intuitive reports. Reports can easily be shared with others, and exported as PDF or raw data (excel, csv and spss format). You’ll also get a nice, monthly overview directly in your email inbox.

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