Validate audiences and make your media shine

Kits gives you insights on which parts of your media attracts who and makes it easy to show advertisers which media and sections are relevant to them and what they can expect if running a campaign in your network.

Cross media measurement

Validate your audience across multiple media within a network or split your media into sections and get a detailed view of your audience. In this way, you get insights on reach, socio demographics, affinity and page views across any digital touchpoint.

Showcase reach in specific target groups

Want to know which of your media are best at reaching young students or another target group? Just define a target group and you will instantly know which of your media and sections give you the best hit rate, reach or most page views in that target group.

Predict campaign results

Being able to pick and choose between media and define target groups means that Kits can be used to plan specific campaigns. And because we’re using industry metrics – like reach and affinity – advertisers know exactly what they get. Transparency for the win!

Showcase your audience in style

Kits can be customised with custom colors, logos, texts and even images. Make your Kits fit your own design guidelines for brand consistency or impress potential advertisers by matching theirs. Share Kits with anyone – they will look good across all devices.

Solid methodology

The validation of audiences in Kits is based on cross-device measurements and weighed against a panel of 840.000 panelists in the Nordics created from first party interaction surveys assuring that the numbers represent a true online population.

Available in the Nordics

Kits is available for publishers with an active UserReport survey script implemented (as UserReport is the foundation for the validation of audiences in Kits) in the four major markets in the Nordics; Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

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