Recent prize draw winners

Below you find a list of people who have won a gift card by participating in a UserReport survey recently. The UserReport team would like to congratulate all the winners who have been contacted directly. We would also like to thank everyone else for taking time to participate in the online surveys on our users’ websites – your answers are appreciated and help improve the websites.

Tomas Chittock
Richard Stocks
Jacqueline Clark
Kit Element
Gary Dick
Keith Deane
Sharon Lucas
William Pugh
Joe Bloggs
Andrew Gill
Maik Pella
Tom Staab
Horst Bornhold
Rudolf Hafner
Charline Sofie Friederich
Marc Knöpfler
Harley William
Thomas William Glyn
Javier Marcos
Claus Andersen
Donald Wilcken
Bente Elkrog
Jørgen Schnell
Kasper Guldhammer
Jenny Vikman
Rowan Losilla
Magnus Eneskär
Mikael Åberg
Marcus Westerlund
Jan Erik Rønning
Aashild Belgau
Kristin Kruse
Jan Egil Aase
Frank Moan
Jarita Kuismanen
Petteri Pallas
Karppila Ulla
Nyman Tina
Pätynen Jukka
Vaahtio Anne
Sakari Nenonen
Pitkänen Julius
Marja Maula
Salminen Pirkko