Recent prize draw winners

Below you find a list of people who have won a gift card by participating in a UserReport survey recently. The UserReport team would like to congratulate all the winners who have been contacted directly. We would also like to thank everyone else for taking time to participate in the online surveys on our users’ websites – your answers are appreciated and help improve the websites.

Sara Skjødt Jørgensen, Denmark

Johnny Antonsen, Denmark

Steffen Bruhn Petersen, Denmark

Kirsten Iversen, Denmark

Birthe Jensen, Denmark

Daniel Presthus Nilsen, Denmark

Nanna Andersen, Denmark

Ole Christiansen, Denmark

Karoline Marie Jørgensen, Denmark

Elsa Aurora Pahne, Sweden

Jessie Hannah Theorin, Sweden

Ismail Elouafiq, Sweden

Tarja Salo, Sweden

Ramin Bahar, Sweden

Nadja Sporpind Eriksen, Norway

Karianne Strømhaug, Norway

Peter Noe Byskov, Norway

Reija Anita Kontio, Norway

Hans Henrik Andersen, Norway

Hamid Daiyan, Norway

Mats Brunnsberg, Finland

Arja Nielsen, Finland

Harri Holma, Finland

Kari Jokinen, Finland

Markus Malm, Finland

Jere Kämppi, Finland

Esme Arnott, The Netherlands

Stephan Alsemgeest, The Netherlands

Albert Jan Raven, The Netherlands

Carsten Burkhardt, Germany

Chero Osso, Germany

Lone Munk Harms, Germany

Robert Donth, Germany

Cándida Martín, Spain

Jose Manuel Gracia Budria, Spain

Betina Andersen, United Kingdom

Jens Haustrup, United Kingdom

Roger Spear, United Kingdom

Beatrice Mousli Bennett, USA

Elsebeth Lauge Grue, USA

Arlene bunton, USA