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UserReport WordPress plugin

We have released the first version of our WordPress plugin, which will allow you to embed the the UserReport javascript on your WordPress blog. We have named the plugin ‘Demographic data in Google Analytics‘.

This plugin enables you to easily add the small UserReport javascript to your WordPress website or blog.

See step-by-step guide here.

When the UserReport script is added to your WordPress website or blog you will be able to transfer demographic background information about your visitors to Google Analytics.

‘Demographic data in Google Analytics’ supports transfering up to 5 custom variables into Google Analytics. The Google Analytics custom variables can contain information such as: Gender, Age, Education and much more.

The demografic data tranfered to Google Analytics is collected using the free online survey in the UserReport service. The plugin will enable you to use all the other free UserReport services on your WordPress blog or website as well.

This plugin does not provide the tracking code for Google Analytics. For that you will need to use a plugin like Google Analytics for WordPress. Furthermore we recommend that you always use the newest version of the Google Analytics script provided by Google.


You can learn more about the ability to transfer data to Google Analytics if you visit the Google Analytics apps gallery post Get demographic data in Google Analytics with UserReport.