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Online Survey and Feedback Forum languages:

Argentina (Spanish)
Australia (English)
Austria (German)
Bangladesh (Bengali)
Bangladesh (English)
Belgium (Flemish)
Belgium (French)
Bolivia (Spanish)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnian)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian)
Brazil (Portuguese)
Bulgaria (Bulgarian)
Chile (Spanish)
China (Mandarin, simplified)
Canada (English)
Canada (French)
Colombia (Spanish)
Costa Rica (Spanish)
Croatia (Croatian)
Czech Republic (Czech)
Denmark (Danish)
Ecuador (Spanish)
Estonia (Estonian)
Estonia (Russian)
Faroe Islands (Faroese)
Finland (Finnish)
France (French)
Georgia (Russian)
Greece (Greek)
Germany (German)
Honduras (Spanish)
Hungary (Hungarian)
Indonesia (Indonesian)
Ireland (Irish)
Italy (Italian)
Japan (Japanese)
Kazakhstan (Russian)
Latvia (Latvian)
Latvia (Russian)
Lithuania (Lithuanian)
Lithuania (Russian)
Luxembourg (French)
Malaysia (Chinese)
Malaysia (English)
Malaysia (Malay)
Mexico (Spanish)
Moldova (Moldovan)
Netherlands (Dutch)
New Zealand (English)
Norway (Norwegian)
Paraguay (Spanish)
Peru (Spanish)
Philippines (English)
Philippines (Tagalog)
Poland (Polish)
Portugal (Portuguese)
Puerto Rico (Spanish)
Romania (Romanian)
Russia (Russian)
Serbia (Serbian)
Slovakia (Slovak)
Slovenia (Slovenian)
South Africa (English)
South Korea (Korean)
Spain (Spanish)
Sweden (Swedish)
Switzerland (French)
Switzerland (German)
Thailand (Thai)
Turkey (Turkish)
United Kingdom (English)
United States (English)
United States (Spanish)
Ukraine (Russian)
Ukraine (Ukranian)
Uruguay (Spanish)
Venezuela (Spanish)
Vietnam (Vietnamese)

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If you are able to contribute with any translation help it would be much appreciated. We have created a couple of translation projects listed below. If you feel you can contribute, just click the links below and a public accessible Google Doc will open.

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